Roles of Co-Branding in Business

Nowadays, collaboration and co-branding have become a mutual strategic partnership between businesses. Some of it includes Safi x Tealive through the “BeauTealive” campaign to promote the newly released “Beautea” range.

Talking about Safi, the brand has recently made its debut on e-commerce platform Tmall Global through Lazada’s “Sell to China” program, becoming the first Malaysian skincare brand to benefit from the program aiming to provide quality halal skincare products to consumers in China.

We presume Safi has created much noises resulted in high brand salience, however, how much of these efforts contribute to the growth and strong brand equity for the brand? We believe it is crucial for a local brand to conduct a brand audit to measure and interpret their brand equity.

We wish Safi the success in capturing their target consumers. Afterall, for every brand, strong brand equity is the key ultimate goal in consumers’ salience, performance, imageries, judgement, feelings and resonance. It is all about the relationship between the ‘brand’ and ‘consumers’.