Get paid for answering surveys and providing your opinions.

Your experience as consumers are valuable to us – your thoughts, your ideas, your feedbacks and recommendations. At CNC Research, we connect people like you with organizations to answer about products and services in order to make better experiences for customers. You may be a significant respondent by participating in surveys, focus group discussion, in-depth interview or other types of research activity.

Based on the information you provide we may contact you by email, text or telephone to take part in market research studies. If you fulfill the criteria, we will contact you for some additional questions and to check your availability for participation.

Who is Eligible?

• Anyone aged 18 years old and above, living in Malaysia are eligible to join as respondent.
• We welcome those who enjoy meeting new friends and find it easy to hold a conversation, regardless race, age, gender and background.
• Everyone who likes to share experience and discuss opinions about different topics of interest with other people including strangers.
• Those who are articulate, can express opinions freely and able to give relevant and comprehensive insights.

*Please be informed that research activity is conducted on project basis depending on the objectives or targets set by clients and organizations.

We are always looking for new people with unique thoughts, opinions, and experiences to participate in market research study. If you are interested to join, all you need to do is fill out a quick survey to allow us to collect your information.

Take part, share your thoughts and get paid!