Create and Connect

We strive to connect clients to customers through innovative research approaches.

❝Know what your customers want most and what your company does best. Focus on where those two meet.❞- Kevin Stirtz



Project Management

We are capable in managing both qualitative and quantitative research projects. Our team can assist and provide our clients with full research services.

Analysis & Reporting Services

We conduct analysis and interpret research findings, we also provide report on the findings to assist our client to connect with the consumers and provide way forward solutions.

Questionnaires Design

We can assist our clients to develop questionnaire and topic of discussions for both quantitative and qualitative research.

Moderation & In-depth Interviews

Our team is flexible and we have the capability and resources to provide you with multilingual moderators.

Interpreters & Translators

We provide support and coordinate interpreters and translators for our client during focus group discussion / in-home visit.

Venue Service

We have a comfortable space to conduct focus group discussion / in-depth interview with the selection to pre-book the food, service consultant and facilities setup.


Customized Research

Start with your goals in mind. Our project design and report findings are built according to our clients’ specifications or preferences.

Quantifiable Results

Determining the right key information area to deliver quality marketing insights that meet the conditions of timeliness, validity, accuracy, and consistency.

Professional Team

We are led by a professional consultant that understands your research needs. We deliver beyond what you need with actionable insights.


It was a real pleasure working with you. Thank you for being a trusted partner and being so committed to moderating the groups. This project wouldn’t have been possible without you. Sincerely hope there will be more occassions for us to work together in future.

Vermeer TeamMarketing Research

Lay Teng gets it! She doesn’t just ask questions, she finds insights too. A professional on the field and personally pleasure to work with.

Tom FordBAMM

We engaged CNC Research for respondent recruiting services. Throughout the project, we had to make some changes and they were very swift to adapt and accommodate our needs. Because of this, we were able to meet our timeline and I’m very thankful to the team for all of their effort.❞

Sam TayMalaysia Leading Financial Institution

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