#COVID-19: Going Through Hard Time & Getting Back Up

It has been a while since the Malaysia government has allowed most businesses to operate as usual by following the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). Malaysia is now in the recovery phase and many are delighted but still cautious in our daily activity, especially among local businesses affected by this pandemic.

COVID19 has surely upturned our lives and our businesses, but it’s one of the difficult times that we have to go through and survive out of it. This crisis brought us to look back on our journey of starting this business. It was a rough start and a hilly journey, in fact, most businesses experienced ups and downs most of the time. It was not easy, but somehow we have to make it within our capabilities.

❝ In the midst of every crisis lies great opportunity.❞

Albert Einstein

We have to keep the spirit going, rebuild whatever we may have lost, and make necessary adjustments in order to stay competitive. When was the most difficult time for your business? How did it impact you and what did you do to grow stronger?