Moderation & In-depth Interviews

Malaysia is a multiracial country and we speak many languages. Although most of the Malaysians understand English, nevertheless, people reacts naturally and openly when they are speaking in their own native language. To conduct any research in Malaysia, it is at best to engage with a trilingual moderator for research across all races and we have the capability and resources to provide you with multilingual moderators.

Our team is flexible and we are able to recommend and help our client to localize global studies. As we are all Asians, we support moderation in Asia countries such as Singapore or China. Areas where we can assist our clients include:

  • Focus Group discussion
  • In-depth Interviews (B2B, B2C Interviews)
  • In-home visits
  • Accompanied shopping
  • Ethnographic research
  • Discussion using projective techniques approach
  • Online panels moderation
  • Workshop moderator